Teva got the permission to distribute generic Viagra

Pfizer and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries have agreed upon the permission to sell generic Viagra by Teva from the end of 2017. A durable patent litigation between two manufactures has been settled in the USA.

Pfizer runs out of patent in 2020, after which the company Teva from Israel that specializes on manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is going to produce the generic counterpart of Viagra. Teva will get the chance to do it long before the rest pharmaceutical companies get this opportunity.

The representative of Pfizer came up with the announcement that the company would get a royalty for that from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. However, he did not comment on the figures at that. In this way, the data of launch is December of 2017 and, probably, even earlier.

Viagra is distributed nowadays with less expensive generic medications so the competition increases.

Viagra was approved in 1998 by FDA as a medication for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It brings more than 1.8 billion annually, about 1.2 billion from distribution in the United States of America.

The main patient on Viagra for sale in the USA was going to expire in 2012, after which many low cost generic medicines come to the market.

A judge at the court decided that Pfizer will be able to get profit from Viagra sale until 2019 thanks to secondary Pfizer patent that protects the company from competition with numerous generic medicines.